Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Anonymous-

In response to your post…I am neither an inmate nor is Espiritu an asylum. I am a parent, and a customer of the school. You implied that if I voice my opinion I am an inmate, thereby calling me and other parents either crazy or criminals. I am neither. I am simply a concerned parent who wants to see two people get their jobs back.

I don’t know who you are. I am sorry that you are afraid to give your name; we have been very respectful of everyone’s opinion. If you would like to talk to me personally I am available; simply email me at, or call my home phone. It is in the directory and I would be happy to set up a time for us to meet or talk.

The petition is just that: a petition. Do you support it or not. If you don’t, don’t sign it. I removed your name from the petition and placed your comments on the blog because it looks like you don’t agree with the petition. I did not remove you, I did not censor you, and I did not tell you to send your children to another school because you and I don’t agree. So, far over 81 families do support it and have a right to their opinions, as do I.

Like many families, we want to try to put an end to intimidation. Your comments like: ”it’s some parents who are misinformed about the extents of their rights.”, “you all have created a public personal vendetta”, “You pay tuition for a service to be provided, and if that service is not aligned with you, you go find it elsewhere”, and ” Take your kids out of ESCS” Whether you know it or not, these are threats, this is intimidation and it is wrong. I am not easily intimidated, but I know a threat when I hear one. Let me address one of them.

You pay tuition for a service to be provided, and if that service is not aligned with you, you go find it elsewhere”. Do the parents have no say in their children’s education? Do the parents who are the “consumers/buyers” have no say in the service that is provided? Does the school not need to listen to recommendations or concerns of the parents? If 81 families signed the petition do we all have to find another school? Can’t we work together to improve the school we have? Why is working to make things better a threat? Why is speaking up when you feel a wrong has been done, followed by threats? Isn’t this how we got into this issue in the first place?
I think part of the problem here is that the parents don’t have representation on the board of education and there is no process to air issues that a parent might have with the decisions made at the school. I know that you don’t think “we have that right”, but I think it’s a pretty good idea to have at least a resolution process so that perhaps issues like these don’t have to go to the bishop or the superintendant.

We wrote the email and organized the campaign because we felt that the decision was wrong, and unjust. I assure you I am a pretty shrewd guy, and no one “baited” me. We felt that we had no other choice as good Catholics and members of the church, school and our community to speak up. I am sorry that you do not agree with us, but you are welcome to voice your opinion, just as we have voiced ours.


Comments: John Shine, This petition you have started in the name of the O’Shields is appalling and absolutely blasphemous. By the O’Shields exposing their contract issue and you taking their “bait” as to the the reasons for their contract not being renewed (you say you are one of those “in the loop”) you all have created a public personal vendetta to have Mrs. Penn expelled under the veil that you can’t allow for an injustice to occur. Statements like “decisions are illegal”, “we’ve all had our frustrations with Mrs. Penn”, and “I have seen our school and parish eroding” are nothing more than embellished statements and falsehoods that create fear and doubt about the environment that many of us are members of. There are many that have not experienced any of the issues you raise and it’s obvious in your writing, that either have you because your letter is filled with innuendos, gossip and accusations of improprieties without any substantiating facts. If Mrs. Penn was acting in such a reckless manner, there would be abnormal rates of turnover within her staff, and a mass exodus of students. One can clearly see the opposite if they choose to look; a low voluntary faculty turnover rate and an enrollment decrease that aligns within the norms of any other school; especially given our current economic environment. You have mentioned 3 families and now 3 faculty members as being “bullied” but you don’t state that there are a lot more families and faculty that have not. If you really fear that bullying is occurring at the school, and an “illegal” act has occurred, then act accordingly. Take your kids out of ESCS and address the legal issue with the appropriate authorities. Anyone who has managed an organization can clearly see that Mrs. Penn is acting in the best interest of the school and with the utmost professionalism. She has not engaged in defending her position, despite being personally attacked, and has not made discipline issues a public matter. Meanwhile, given all the false characterization of her motives and behaviors she has given two of her employees 6 months to find their next job which is a noble act in it of itself and not aligned with your characterization of her. I only urge people to read this for what it is; simply, its some parents who are misinformed about the extents of their rights. You pay tuition for a service to be provided, and if that service is not aligned with you, you go find it elsewhere. Lastly Mr. Shine, the environment you want is for the “inmates to run the asylum” and anyone with any common sense knows that your environment would simply not work. Respectfully submitted

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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This is really non christian behavior. we are a family that has been a part of the parish since 1979, my husband and I were married in the old church in 1982 and when we had children they were enrolled in the parish preschool, then when the church announced a school would be built, we knew our prayers had been answered.

The school has been a blessing until the point that Mrs. Penn was employed. Since that time we have watched the school be destroyed. We remained quiet because we have been bulllied and intimidated by Mrs. Penn repeatedly. It is time to speak out because care about the school and the parish that represents it, even though we only have one year left for our second daughter that attends the school.

In this economy, I'm sure there are other family's (like ours) that are struggling to make the committment to provide a CATHOLIC education for our children. Coach O'Shields and his wife have been a cornerstone to our school and children. Both of our daughters have told us, that in time of need, they have always felt confident to go to Coach O'Shields and he has guided them in a christian way.

I know there may be reprocussions from Mrs. Penn (as always) when you challenge any of her decisions, but we would not be good CHRISTIANS if we did not stand up for the O'Shields, as they have been NURTURING ROLE MODELS for our children for the past 10 years for our children. In closing, I say don't renew Mrs. Penn's contract and renew Mr. Pendelton's contract and bring back the excellence that the school was before she became principal.

Fr. Bob has been a wonderful pastor, and has recently helped our family thru times of need, and I know he has the best interest of our childrens school and parish in mind. I know once he see's the concerns and realizes the truth, he will make the appropriate decision. In His Name, Bill and Laura Whitstine

MJM Fine Cigars And Tobacco said...

In our opinion ,there should be a zero tolerance for bullying ESPECIALLY in a Christian environment.

We also understand that there was a more serious incident that took place during school hours some weeks ago that if true went far and beyond simple bullying.

Folks. This is our school and unless I'm mistaken, the principle and teachers work for us. Even the hint that some families have been bullied and perhaps run off is completely unacceptable. We're now if fear of our school's administration should we voice our concerns? Wake up people!

I hope that you have your children enrolled at ES because you know the real value of a Christian education. For many of us it is a huge financial burden and one that we gladly bear. However, is it possible that many of us have allowed ourselves to fall into the trap that just because our children are in a Christian environment we assume that all is well? I certainly don't mean this to come across as an elitist statement but I know that most of us are probably more involved in our kid's lives than many. But apparently that's not enough and we're missing something. Are we all too busy to take notice or do we just assume that should an issue arise it will be addressed as we would like it to be addressed.

There is apparently a group of parents that meet to discuss textbooks and perhaps curriculum for the upcoming school year. But my understanding is that this happens after the textbooks have already been purchased. What's the point? Shouldn't this be happening prior to a purchasing commitment? What happens if there is objection from some of the parents? Too late. Would the books simply be returned?

I am guilty of also not making this enough of a priority to answer much differently.

Much like our government and elected officials, if we simply stand on the sidelines as interested but unengaged observers, we deserve what we get.

Missy Liermann

To The Anonymous Posters; How can we enlighten you if you fail to identify yourselves? And yes, we have lost faith in the administration and have tried to resolve it to no avail. So, here we are.

Missy Kujawa

To the anonymous poster: I already signed but I just want to answer the anonymous poster. If what we hear is true, it is not gossip or a "witch hunt." I want to trust the administration, but the decisions being made the past year or so have forced me to lose my faith in the decision makers. Our numbers are shrinking. We are losing good families. I have to question why I am keeping my children in a place where I do not feel they are being protected...where they are taught that you should not speak up or you will be punished. If you know these decisions are just, and you are not part of the administration, please enlighten those of us who are not privy to information the administration has on these two wonderful people to support not renewing their contracts at the same time?


For those of us that are not "in the loop" please enlighten us and give us details as to the supposed bullying that's going on. It's only a rumor until facts are given. Thank you.